La Senorita — Santa Clara en Las 21 Divisiones


La Senorita–  St. Claire

La Senorita is a Misterio that assists us when we are experiencing many troubles and obstacles in our path.  She is known to be able to clear the way and remove obstacles from our path.  She is also frequently petitioned by students and those facing exams.  She helps the student have a clean and focused mind so that he/she can pass the exam.   She is a Misterio of very high status and is considered to be very beneficent.

 She also helps people to see the truth about a problem, person or situation, assists in divination (in fact, having her work by your side is said to be of great benefit!), to cleanse and protect someone, and much more. . . . . . She loves peace and is extremely clean.

Santa Clara is willing and  open to help almost anyone with a pure heart and intention.  Approach her with sincerity and she will work wonders for you.

If you would like to give Metresa Clarabel a small service on today, her holy day . . . offer her a seven day white candle and a glass of water, while you pray her prayer.