Papa Guede

Papa Guede


Gede Nibo

Gede is known for sending other fresh dead to do his work. He is scandalous. While they are doing his work, he is playing cards, dancing, and attending dice games. Papa Gede is known for cussing and crude honesty. To say that Papa Gede is crude is an under statement.

Unlike Haitian Vodou, Papa Gede rarely comes to consult in Dominican Vodou. Usually he will come to receive his offerings, or if he has something very important to say in particular to someone. He may give out winning lotto numbers if he so desires.

As in Haiti, he watches over children. He also loves to eat, and loves his money. He is stingy with his food and does not care to share it with others. In reality, Papa Gede in Dominican Vodou and Brav Gede of Haitian Vodou are not that different at all. As such, I will direct you to the pages already created under the Vodou section of the site to read more about Gede:

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